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Family Dentistry in Raleigh

City of Oaks Dental Care offers family dentistry services, which means that Dr. Throop and her staff can treat patients of any age. It’s especially important to have an experienced dentist when you have children who need someone with patience and understanding, and that’s what you get at City of Oaks.

Young children and teenagers who haven’t grown into their adult teeth yet have different needs. Family dentists understand the entire stage of dental growth, from birth to elder care. It’s our goal to start children out with a healthy smile and teach them how to keep it that way!

Family dentists like Dr. Throop have a lot of experience working with children and adults. By choosing a family dentist to care for your oral health, you get the peace of mind of knowing the person working with you and your loved ones knows the whole picture and will follow you through from pediatrics to senior care.

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So What Do Family Dentists Focus On?

At City of Oaks Dental, you and your family will receive care that begins primarily with preventative treatment. From cleanings and x-rays to regular checkups, if an oral problem can be prevented, that’s the best form of care you can have.

General dentistry care is also available.

Family dentists offer services such as:

Regular cleanings

The American Dental Association recommends you follow your dentist’s recommendation on cleanings. The general rule of thumb followed by most dental experts, including Dr. Throop, is a six-month checkup, unless otherwise stated. These regular exams are the way that many oral problems are caught early. Conditions like tooth decay and gingivitis can be easily fixed if they’re addressed quickly. For children, regular checkups help to ensure their teeth are coming in properly and address problem areas before they become painful and severe.

Dental sealants

Children are especially prone to tooth decay because they don’t know how to take care of their teeth well yet. When a potential cavity is caught early enough, dental sealants can be used to prevent the tooth from decaying. Fluoride treatments are another common service to reduce the possibility of decay.


Children and adults are prone to cavities. These are holes in the tooth that can become painful if left untreated. Family dentists can find cavities and fill them to stop the spread of tooth decay and reduce the pain that comes with a cavity.

Gum disease care

Gingivitis and periodontal disease are common, particularly in adult patients. These are conditions that cause discomfort, bleeding, and tooth loss if they’re not taken care of. Maintenance, scaling, and root planing are part of Dr. Throop’s regular gum disease care treatments.

Let Us Take Care of Your Family

We know how important your family is to you, and how hard it can be to get your children (and a lot of adults!) to the dentist. At City of Oaks Dental, your family is special to us, too. When oral services are needed, we can help you take care of your loved ones.

No matter how young or old the patient is, we have the equipment to handle most oral health needs. Preventative care, cleanings, x-rays, fillings, cosmetic treatments, and more are offered at City of Oaks Dental, so you can bring your whole family. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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