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Could Your Jaw Pain Be a Sign of TMJ Disorder?

By: Dr. Vivian Throop


Experiencing jaw pain can be more than just uncomfortable; it might signal a condition known as TMJ disorder. At City of Oaks Dental, Dr. Vivian Throop specializes in diagnosing and treating this often misunderstood condition. But what is TMJ disorder, and how can you tell if your jaw pain is a symptom of this condition? Let's dive deeper into understanding TMJ disorder causes and treatments and how Dr. Throop can help alleviate discomfort in Raleigh, NC.

What is TMJ disorder, and how is it diagnosed?

TMJ disorder affects the temporomandibular joint, a crucial hinge connecting your jaw to the temporal bones of your skull. This disorder can cause pain and discomfort in your jaw and ears and even lead to difficulty moving your jaw. Dr. Throop utilizes a combination of patient history, physical examination, and sometimes imaging tests to accurately diagnose TMJ disorder. This comprehensive approach ensures that each patient receives a personalized diagnosis that addresses their unique symptoms and concerns.

What are the common causes of TMJ disorder?

Understanding what causes TMJ disorder is essential in preventing and managing this condition. Factors such as jaw injury, arthritis, and genetics can contribute to the development of TMJ disorder. Stress and habitual grinding or clenching of the teeth can also play a significant role. Dr. Throop emphasizes the importance of identifying these underlying causes to develop an effective treatment plan tailored to the individual needs of patients near Raleigh, NC.

What treatment options are available for TMJ disorder?

When it comes to TMJ disorder treatment, Dr. Throop offers a variety of treatments designed to relieve pain and restore normal function. Whether you're looking for traditional TMJ therapy, oral appliances, or dental restorations, or leaning toward state-of-the-art treatments like the Multiwave Lock System (MLS) laser and BioPAK Jaw Diagnostic System, our team is here to guide you to the ideal solution for your needs. The goal at City of Oaks Dental is to provide relief from TMJ disorder symptoms while addressing the root cause of the condition.

Address your jaw pain with personalized care in Raleigh, NC

If you're experiencing jaw pain and suspect it might be a sign of TMJ disorder, don't wait to seek professional advice. Dr. Vivian Throop at City of Oaks Dental is here to help diagnose and treat your condition with the utmost care and expertise. By understanding what causes TMJ disorder and exploring all available TMJ disorder treatment options, you can take a significant step toward pain relief and improved jaw function. Contact City of Oaks Dental in Raleigh, NC today to schedule your consultation and begin your journey toward a more comfortable and healthy jaw.

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