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Tooth Extractions in Raleigh, NC

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While Dr. Vivian Throop makes every attempt to rescue and maintain your natural teeth, there are instances where a tooth or teeth may have to be extracted. A simple extraction takes out a tooth that's visible over the gumline. This is normally used for a tooth that's damaged or decayed beyond repair. A surgical extraction takes out a tooth that hasn't erupted above the gums. Surgical extractions are commonly done to take out wisdom teeth and impacted teeth that don't have enough space to fit into your smile. No matter the reason for getting an extraction at City of Oaks Dental, our team will give you the best treatment. Our Raleigh, NC office provides multiple sedation techniques, such as nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation, and that means you can remain comfortable during your procedure. Contact our team to find out more or to schedule an exam with Dr. Throop to enhance your smile.

What Are the Benefits of Tooth Extractions?

While many people prefer to avoid tooth extractions, having these treatments done at City of Oaks Dental as soon as possible can provide several oral health advantages:

  • Performed utilizing local anesthesia to numb the tooth and allow you to remain as comfortable as possible
  • Creates room for implant options to rebuild the look and feel of the lost tooth
  • Prevents damage and infection of healthy adjoining teeth
  • May work to stop teeth or gum infection
  • Fairly quick treatment performed at our Raleigh, NC office

If your tooth is broken or damaged from decay, Dr. Throop can make every attempt to fix it using a crown, bonding, or filling. However, a tooth might be too far into decay and will have to be extracted to prevent the infection from spreading and save the remaining teeth' health. You might also require a dental extraction to remove a tooth or teeth that can't fit in your mouth. This includes your third molars, popularly known as wisdom teeth that develop around age 17 – 21. In older kids, infant teeth that haven't fallen out naturally might have to be extracted so they don't obstruct the permanent teeth. If you are getting braces or considering Invisalign® treatment, you might require an extraction to make space for the remaining teeth when they move into their normal position.

Dental extractions are performed in our office using local anesthesia on the area near the tooth being removed. Different types of sedation could be used, depending on the extent of the extraction and to also help you stay relaxed in case you have any dental worries. When you're prepared, Dr. Throop will start the procedure. For a simple extraction, Dr. Throop will loosen up the tooth using a special device known as an elevator prior to removal. A surgical extraction entails making incisions in your gums to get to the tooth. If needed, the tooth might be broken into smaller pieces so that it can be taken out. When the tooth is removed, Dr. Throop will stitch the incision in the gums. A prescription for antibiotics may be written before and after the procedure — in case you have a current infection, if your immune system is weak, if the process is extended, or if you have some other special health conditions.

Whether you have a tooth that is damaged or if your mouth doesn't have space for a new tooth, a simple and efficient tooth extraction at City of Oaks Dental can help in improving your smile and oral health. Make an appointment with Dr. Throop at her office in Raleigh, NC to find out more about surgical and simple tooth extractions. If you have dental anxieties or fears, ask about sedation options to help you stay calm and relaxed during your procedure.

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How much does a tooth extraction cost?

Your total cost of a tooth extraction can vary depending on factors such as the location of the tooth, the complexity of the extraction, and anesthesia requirements. During your initial consultation, Dr. Throop can talk to you about estimated costs as well as financing options.

Are tooth extraction covered by dental insurance?

An extraction is usually covered by dental insurance, but your sedation method may or may not be fully covered. Before your procedure, we'll call your insurance carrier to find out your particular coverage and estimate your personal expenses. If you do not have dental insurance, then Dr. Throop can talk to you about the numerous payments we accept together with information about low-interest medical financing.

Are tooth extractions painful?

No. Thanks to our modern equipment and experienced staff, the vast majority of our patients do not report feeling any pain or discomfort during their treatment. There may be some mild discomfort in the days following the procedure, though this is usually very tolerable and dissipates quickly.

How long does it take to recover from a tooth extraction?

Your diet and activity levels may need to be adjusted for about 7 – 10 days after a tooth extraction. In some cases, it can take as long as 3 weeks for the newly formed socket to completely heal.

Can a missing tooth be replaced after extraction?

There are various tooth replacement options available after an extraction. These may include dental implants, bridges, or dentures, depending on your specific needs and oral health condition. It is essential to discuss tooth replacement options with Dr. Throop to determine the best solution for restoring your smile and maintaining proper dental function.

Can I eat or drink before a tooth extraction?

It is generally recommended to avoid eating or drinking for at least six to eight hours before the extraction procedure, especially if you will receive sedation or general anesthesia. However, Dr. Throop will provide specific instructions based on your individual case.

Dr. Throop and her staff are excellent! I was a patient prior to Dr. Throop taking over and I have been very pleased with the care I have received along with my family. We love the new space as well!

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Dr. Throop and her staff are extremely dedicated to a complete customer dental experience. I have been a patient of Dr. Throop’s for many years and am always pleased with her care. After my exams, she is very informative about any additional treatment i may need. The entire staff is professional and my appointments always run on time. I am very pleased with Dr. Throop and her staff.

S.B. Google

This place is the best. Kind, considerate, and professional staff. Dr. Troop and her staff have created a warm and welcoming environment in a modern and comfortable space. For most, the dentist can be a challenging experience, but not here. They’re great.

C.C. Google

love this practice! whole staff is super attentive and friendly!!

J.P. Google

Beautiful, friendly office with the newest technology! Great experience!!

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